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We deploy advanced 3D sensing technologies & intelligent vision solutions that transfer 3D sensor data to a domain where you can generate value for your applications & products.

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Sensing & Computer Vision

Precise 3D measurement and 3D scene reconstruction – our reliable 3D scene analysis are founded on a wide selection of solid calibration and registration techniques as well as latest real-time stereo matching approaches and tracking techniques.

Machine Learning & AI

We build intelligent solutions for the analysis of complex 3D environments based on either classical machine learning approaches (e.g. Random Forests, SVMs) or Deep Learning techniques (e.g. CNNs) depending on your application or use case.

Simulation & Visualization

Profound expertise in Computer Graphics and sensor technologies allows realistic simulation and rendering of 3D scene environments, large-scale synthetic data generation and advanced real-time 3D visualization.

Technology & Services

Custom Software Development

We create tailored 3D depth sensing solutions that integrate environment perception and intelligent scene understanding in your applications and products. Based on latest 3D sensor technologies and advanced machine learning expertise, we develop software solutions using high-level languages such as C/C++/CUDA/Python or low-level assembler for a range of processors, PCs, GPUs and several families of multi-core devices. We have particular expertise in optimising code for low resource or high performance parallel architectures.

Research & Feasibility Studies

We provide fast validations of initial ideas and early stage concepts and a sound technical basis for making decisions on new product and solution developments. This includes, for example, technical concepts based on 3D sensing technologies, feasibility studies and development of proof-of-concepts or prototypes. Working in short development iterations in close communication with our customers to gather their specific needs enable a flexible project execution and to create a solid foundation for the development of reliable products.

Embedded Software

Powerful embedded platforms such as the NVIDIA Drive PX2 enable the development of performant and cost-efficient solutions. We support our customers in creating platform-optimized solutions and can customize our software and algorithms for a wide range of embedded platforms (e.g. Drive PX2 and Jetson TX1) and architectures. Using a multi-platform development process, we can quickly transfer initial algorithms to field-tested embedded platforms. In collaboration with various hardware partners, we can also offer the development of tailored HW/SW solutions that can meet your product requirements.

Customers & Project References


In-Cabin Analysis

  • Gesture control
  • Attention monitoring
  • Comfort features
  • Safety functionalities

Front & Rear View

  • 3D obstacle detection
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • High beam assistance
  • Vehicle & lane detection

Surround View

  • 3D obstacle detection
  • Ego motion
  • Parking assistance
  • Calibration

Other Industries

Consumer Electronics & Wearables

  • Gesture control
  • 3D pose estimation
  • Object recognition
  • 3D skeleton tracking

Smart Home & Appliances

  • Gesture control
  • Safety functionalities
  • Attention monitoring
  • Occupancy mapping


  • 3D object recognition
  • Ego motion estimation
  • Collision avoidance
  • 3D virtual fencing

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